Sunshine City of Jamaica is Portmore
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Portmore was granted Municipality status in 2003 and has its own City Council and Mayor, following the British-based model of Jamaican local government

Horse Racing is popular and all major horse races are run at Caymanas Park located in north Portmore.

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Earthquake Awareness Month 2016

January 2016 was celebrated as Earthquake Awareness Month under the theme ” Earthqauake Safety: Don’t be Scared, Be Prepared”.

Through parternship with the St. Thomas Parish Council and the Fire Brigade Services, St. Thomas; several schools were targeted to conduct earthquake drills and sensitization sessions. The schools below were visited:

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Source:: Earthquake Awareness Month 2016

World Heritage Day

Monday, April 18, 2016 is being observed globally as World Heritage Day under the theme “The Heritage of Sport.”

This annual observance pays tribute to the sites and monuments that are of outstanding universal value and are embraced as treasures to be preserved on behalf of peoples of the world.

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World Autism Awareness

Earlier this month (April 2) , we observed World Autism Awareness Day. Here in Jamaica, we have been doing our part to raise awareness as well. In this regard, I wish to lift my proverbial hat to the parents and caregivers of those persons with autism for the tremendous work they have been doing to help these individuals to find a secure place in our society. I thank them for the lessons of selflessness and love that they continue to teach us.

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KSAC extends warm welcome to Minister McKenzie

At the last meeting, I did indicate that I would pass on our commendations to Minister Desmond McKenzie, a former Councillor of the KSAC and Mayor of Kingston on his installation as Minister of Local Government. Minister, we are also proud of the achievements of our Councillors as they use their experience garnered at the local level to serve in nation building. We are however particularly pleased to acknowledge when our very own are counted among those numbers.

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Source:: KSAC extends warm welcome to Minister McKenzie