Portmore Jamaica

Sunshine City of Jamaica is Portmore

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Portmore was granted Municipality status in 2003 and has its own City Council and Mayor, following the British-based model of Jamaican local government

Horse Racing is popular and all major horse races are run at Caymanas Park located in north Portmore.

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Youth Council

The Portland Municipal Corporation invited Students from the following institutions:
Titchfield High School,Port Antonio High School and Fair Prospect High School to help in the celebration during the Local Government month.
By participating in Youth Council which was held on Thursday,November 2,2017 in the Corporation’s Chamber at 10:00pm

Youth Council Titchfield High School

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Local Government Month celebration

Minister of Local Government and Community Development,
Hon. Desmond McKenzie, says there will be a strong focus on community,
as the Ministry celebrates Local Government and Community Month in November.

Portland Municipal Corporation celebrates Local Government with a list of Activity with the Theme:
Local Governance the Pathway to Securing Better Communities

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New infirmary facility opens in Portland

A state-of-the-art facility, built to accommodate 54 wards of the State at the Portland Infirmary, was declared open yesterday by Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie.
The new wing is now home to 19 female residents and replaces the old wooden structure which was demolished in February. The ministry allocated $15 million for the construction.
McKenzie said he was impressed with the quality of work, noting that there were several delays, including those caused by the inclement weather.

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Source:: New infirmary facility opens in Portland


The earthen drain along Germaine Road in Portmore is owned by the Municipality of Portmore…
After submission of the subdivision application for Westmeade Willows by the Housing Agency of Jamaica in 2010, the Council presented its concerns and highlighted the inadequacy of the drain for such a development.

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Municipality of Portmore awarded First Place Prize for LICJ’s GIS Day Map Competition

The Municipality was awarded the First Place Trophy for the map titled “Portmore’s Exposure to Storm Surge”. The map illustrated the possible impact of storm surge on landuse activities and critical facilities within the Municipality and hopes to influence disaster planning, mitigation strategies and achieve disaster risk reduction for the Municipality.

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Source:: Municipality of Portmore awarded First Place Prize for LICJ’s GIS Day Map Competition

Remembrance Day 2017

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 2017 was celebrated on November 12. The service began at 10:00 a.m. with the arrival of the Guard of Honour at Emancipation Square, who along with other uniformed groups marched and took up position at the Cenotaph in Spanish Town

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KSAMC 2017-2018 Junior Council Forum

On behalf of His Worship the Mayor of Kingston Senator Cllr. Delroy Williams, Councillors, managers and staff of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), we take this opportunity to officially welcome our Junior Council representatives as being part of the noble KSAMC family.

Their individual contributions have gone a long way in making this year’s series of Junior Council activities possible; particularly the vibrant discussions, resolutions drafted as well as the topical issues explored.

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Source:: KSAMC 2017-2018 Junior Council Forum